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Let me properly introduce myself. My name is Kara ONeil a.k.a. Funny Girl Blogger, I'm a wife, mother, nurse, and I'm a Beauty Influencer and Blogger, here at Funnygirlblogger.com. I've helped hundreds of friends, family and members on my Facebook site,"Funny Girl Beauty," choose the best products! 

I want to utilize my website to broaden my reviews and tell it to the world!! 

 I'm always upfront and sincere because I'm truly excellent at doing my research, after all I have been an RN for over 16 years and take pride in all my work. I love investigating and calling companies and asking them raw questions. 

So Funny Girls- let's grow and take this journey together and start blogging all of my product reviews on the internet!  
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This  powerful book just makes me want to high-five all of my magnificent TRAILBLAZING girlfriends. 

In "Pound On," by Robin Rotenberg she tells us "from the glass slipper to the glass ceiling," on her cover and this has a huge metaphorical meaning. 

The glass ceiling hence "equal rights between the sexes," refers to the invisible barrier to success that many women come up against in their careers, such as preventing them from rising to senior positions. 

It's a subtle but damaging form of discrimination where you cannot attain the Opportunities you see in front of you.

Basically, the ordinary woman chasing her dreams. 

This book was extremely relatable and written beautifully as Robin even includes her own "Rotenberg Axis" to find your own Alpha score! 

Starting with your innocence in college up until now, your current journey. Robin even lists characteristics and traits you may have at that time. It was simply fascinating! 

Not only was this book completely engaging but Robin tells her own story of how she became an esteemed lawyer. You are then introduced to many other well-respected prestigious women who then tell their inspiring stories of how they made it to the top as well.

"Pound On," was filled with encouraging uplifting stories, but what I loved the most was how Robin's attitude and heart never changed. She is definitely someone to admire and look up to. 

You and all your girlfriends will love this book for so many reasons. It's an easy page turner and you will never bore reading others inspirational stories of how they got their glass slipper and broke through the glass ceiling to the top!  


After I read Robin's book she wanted to know what I thought naturally, and although I loved the writing I soon told her that I didn't think the cover of her book matched. 

In my opinion, I would have made a completely different cover and title, in which I sent Robin a draft of and she loved it! Just a bit more engaging for women to read is all. 

Robin, the sweet woman she is took my idea and was completely open to changing the cover. Now tell me that's not a wonderful thing to do? I love and embrace constructive criticism myself so I was elated that Robin did as well!

This book, "Pound On," is an absolute fabulous read, and with the holidays right around the corner this would make an excellent gift for any trailblazing girl friends out there! 



All About this Funny Girl

Hi Everyone!

My name is Kara ONeil. I'm a registered nurse, a mom, and an entrepreneur. I am outgoing, dedicated and open-minded. I help ladies like yourselves fall in love with everything about beauty. I'm going to take you from a beauty novice to an expert beauty guru.

I love reviewing, testing and recommending beauty products and giving my honest opinion about them with a twist. What's my twist? I love adding my sarcastic sense of humor into the mix. After all I am a funny girl. 

Born and raised in New York, accent included- I now live in South Florida with my family. A mother of two beautiful little girls and with the loving support of my husband, I've been able to live out my dream of writing this blog.

Come with me on my journey of self-love, beauty and laughter so we can grow together, learn together and have a laugh too. Because believe me this beauty blog is going to be epic!  

Beauty Starts Here!

Knowledge about hair, make-up, skincare and fashion

I started beauty blogging years ago in social media groups- writing reviews and giving recommendations for other people. I had a great turn around- I was answering tons of questions and giving my opinion. 

People really liked it, but I found myself being kicked out of all these social media groups one by one because of my knowledge. I couldn't understand why at the time but then it became blatantly obvious- my popularity was pissing off all the groups admins. 

So with that I created my own social media group, Funny Girl Beauty and it soared in only a few short months. I was then extremely encouraged to create this blog by friends, family and all my funny girls in my group- so here I am striving to follow my dreams for you all to read.      

Hey Funny Girl, 

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oh but my darling
what if you 

-Erin Hanson

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